sobota, 28 sierpnia 2010 / 09:07

K, here comes new coloring. It's basically something to mess with, pretty plain itself. Remeber, if you use my coloring (i don't care if you change it a bit, a lot, idc, it's still mine in first place) credit me, also you can pm me with the link to your video, i will put it in a playlist on my channel, it might get some extra views :)

001. Brightness and Contrast (screen)

002. Color Curves (screen)

003. Gradient Map (screen)

004. Color Curves (screen)

005. Levels (screen)
piątek, 2 kwietnia 2010 / 01:37

here comes the "crawl" coloring. it's rather simple to make,just follow instructions below, have fun!

001. texture (screen)

002. important detail (screen)

003. color balance (screen)

004. color curves (screen)

005. color corrector secondary (screen)

006. color corrector (screen)

007. color corrector secondary (screen)

008. eventual black and white (screen)

death do us part
sobota, 27 marca 2010 / 03:33
001. important detail (screen)

Track I

002. Color Corrector Secondary (screen)

003. Color Corrector Secondary (screen)

004. Color Curves (screen)

005. Color Corrector (screen)

006. Color Corrector Secondary  (screen)

007. Light Rays (screen)

008. Radial Blur (screen)

009. Brightness and Contrast (screen)

Track II

010. Color Corrector Secondary (screen)

011. Color Corrector Secondary (screen)

012. Color Curves (screen)

013. Color Corrector (screen)

014. Color Corrector Secondary (screen)

015. News Print (screen)

016. News Print (screen)
twilight coloring.
piątek, 26 marca 2010 / 08:47
first of all, this coloring is made for twilight movie. you probably all know that twilight is kinda greenish, so i had to use lots of red in this coloring to reduce this greenness. requested by @brokensanctuary.

coloring 003
poniedziałek, 22 marca 2010 / 09:12
if you take this coloring, please credit me & the site.

coloring 002
niedziela, 21 marca 2010 / 05:26
coloring 001
sobota, 20 marca 2010 / 12:58

"A long night spent with your most obvious weakness. You start shaking at the thought."

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